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ASAP Bad Credit Mortgages

Independent mortgage broker specialising in bad credit mortgage solutions for people with credit problems. Bad credit could include CCJs against your name, defaults, previous mortgage arrears, bankruptcy, IVA. They have access to many lenders, both specialist and mainstream who deal with problem mortgages cases. They should be able to help you even if you have been refused a mortgage elsewhere.

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Mortgages 4 Bad Credit

Experts at arranging mortgages and remortgages for people with credit problems including CCJs, defaults, mortgage arrears and individuals with a poor credit score or bad credit rating

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Find the Perfect Mortgage - Bad Credit

Deals with non standard mortgages who are available to people, who far whatever reason, do not fall within the normal lending criteria of most lenders. The could be because they have an adverse credit record which may include county court judgements, CCJs and payment defaults. Will help non standard borrowers with a low credit rating. As brokers they have access to products only available through intermediaries and financial advisors.

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GMAC-RFC Non Conforming Mortgages

GMAC Residential Funding is part of American giant General Motors, one of the world's largest corporations. GMAC entered the bad credit mortgage marketing in 1998 and has rapidly built up its share in the sub prime sector. The lender only offers its schemes through intermediaries at present.

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Magellan Homeloans

Specialises in lending to individuals who are classed as non standard borrowers due to a poor credit history. Operates exclusively through mortgage advisors and intermediaries.

Magellan will consider applications from all types of borrower regardless of the level of bad credit they have accrued in the past. Importantly, the applicant will need to have no missed payments, defaults and CCJs during the past twelve months and they will need to provide a sound explanation for any missed payments or irregularities on their credit report. A broker will also stress test their ability to keep up with repayments and take into consideration scenarios where the interest rates rise.

Its credit repair product range includes a choice of 2-year and 3-year fixed rates products.

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Mortgage Beaters - Bad Credit

Broker assisting people who have less than perfect credit history, who may fail a credit check via a mainstream lender. Specialist lenders do provide a solution for those who have a blip or two on their credit file providing they have a deposit of at least 10% available, their current finances are in order and they are have sufficient income to be able to service the mortgage repayments. A broker will undertake a fact finding exercise to determine the applicants personal situation then advise on the lenders more likely to accept rather than reject an application.

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Mortgage Express

Formerly part of the Lloyds TSB group, Mortgage Express was bought by Bradford & Bingley in 1997 and operated a specialist mortgage lending arm. Its products are available to people who have experienced credit problems in the past. Such individuals can get a mortgage with CCJs up to 10,000, can have been declared bankrupt if the bankruptcy was cleared 12 months ago and can have their property repossessed over three years previously. The bad credit mortgage solutions are only available through advisers and intermediaries.

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Pepper (UK)

Specialist mortgage business Pepper (UK) launched in the UK in June 2015 and offer a range of mortgage products aimed at people unable to borrow because of their credit history. The company feels the near prime or non conforming market in the UK is undeserved following the credit crunch.

This new entrant provides another choice for those members of the aspiring homeowning and homeowning community who have found it difficult to obtain a mortgage or remortgage post recession. If you have poor credit it is difficult to get on the housing ladder or if you have got some negative events on your credit report it can be problematic finding a lender where you can remortgage to a new deal.

Pepper UK's products are only available through packagers, networks and directly authorised brokers. In addition to the UK, Pepper Group has operations in Australia, South Korea, Hong Kong and Spain.

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