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BMFY Flexible Mortgages

This firm of independent advisers provides details, advice and a free no obligation quote facility for flexible mortgage products available in the UK. They will research the entire market of over 400 different lenders to find the most competitive scheme for you.

Flexible features include the ability to make overpayments or underpayments and taking payment holidays when you need to. Some lenders are more flexible than others and rates and features vary. For instance some lenders will accept one off lump sum overpayments, but not all will accept regular overpayments. Some lenders allow borrowers to draw on the overpayment cash in times of need.

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Northern Rock

Northern Rock is a specialised mortgage lender and is the largest financial institution based in the North East of England. Visit their website to view the flexible features they offer including the ability to make overpayments in order to reduce the amount of money you’ve borrowed and the option to take a month’s payment holiday when you've had your mortgage for a period of nine months.

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Scottish Widows Bank

Founded in 1815, Scottish Widows is part of Lloyds TSB Group. View details of their flexible mortgage product where you can make your mortgage work with your savings with interest calculated on a daily basis. Depending on your choices you can benefit from making overpayments, offsetting against your savings and take payment holidays.

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YMG - Flexible Mortgages

Independent mortgage advisors offering advice and information on the best flexible mortgage products available in the UK. Nationwide service.

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